Ask Senator Kirk to Protect Endangered Seabirds

Wisdom, a 65-year-old Laysan Albatross, returned to her nesting grounds at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year. Photo: Kiah Walker/USFWS

Albatross soar across oceans on up to 12-foot wingspans, but their lives are too often cut tragically short after becoming hooked on fishing lines and drowning. The good news is that legislation was introduced in the U.S. House earlier this year that would help protect these spectacular birds from needless deaths and save them from extinction. Now it’s time for the Senate to act.

Senator Kirk of Illinois is considering championing the bill. Please write to Senator Kirk today to let him know that Illinoisans support protecting albatross and petrels.

These birds are among the most legendary and inspiring species on Earth. Earlier this year, Wisdom, a 65-year old Laysan Albatross—the oldest known wild bird in the world—became a mother again when her egg hatched on February 1. Luckily, Wisdom has managed to dodge the fate that has befallen so many others of her kind. She remains a powerful symbol of hope for the future of the albatross.

The new bill will help Wisdom and other albatross by allowing the U.S. to comply with the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP), a treaty that coordinates global work to conserve these species. Audubon has championed joining this agreement, because international cooperation is vital for protecting these wide-ranging birds.

Please ask Senator Kirk to sponsor the Albatross and Petrel Conservation Act in the Senate.


Rebeccah Sanders
Vice President & Executive Director
Audubon Chicago Region