January 2017 News

Audubon Council of Illinois (logo)

The council schedules meetings three times per year. Meetings continue to have a strong emphasis on chapter sharing of ideas, methods and contacts. Informative programs usually place-based, also are a part of each meeting. Topics for this past year included “Raptor Education and More at the Stillman NAture Center,” “A Small Chpater Plus a Small Preserve Equals Happiness,” and “Migrations and Invasions: Connections Between Migrant Birds and Invasive Shrubs.” Staff from the National Audubon’s Great Lakes Regional Office continue to join our meetings, not only sharing information on resources that chapters can utilize, but also providing a connection for us with National Audubon.

The meeting dates for 2017 include March 11, June 10, and November 4. Meeting sites will be announced closer to those dates. Please mark your calendars and join us for these fun informative meetings!